Professional Cleaning 101

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We all live in a fast paced world and don’t have time to clean as well as we would like to.  This is why hiring a maid cleaning service glendale az could be a solution for you.  Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to find just the right service.

Level of cleaning

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Many services offer a wide range of cleaning levels.  These can be a simple turn down services, light dusting and trash removal to full hands on their knees scrubbing with a toothbrush type cleaning services.  When looking for a maid service it is important that you are clear on your expectations and the level of services you are looking for.


Cleaning takes time.  Depending on the state of the area that needs to be cleaned the service may take longer or it may take less time than expected.  When looking into services see what their typical turnaround time is as well as how much they charge per hour.  You don’t want a rush job but you don’t want sloppy work either.

When looking at your time you will need to determine how many times a week they will be required to clean.  If it is a daily job or a weekly?  Are you running a business where services are needed in the morning or in the afternoon.  Make sure that you know your time needs.


When hiring a maid service you will want to look at the personalities and attitudes of the people you hire.  If you are running a hotel or a customer based business then positive attitude is a must.  If you are hiring maids for afterhours work then their attitudes may not play as big a deal. 

Finding the right fit

Not everyone is right for every job.  Taking your time to find just the right fit will ensure that you have a happy cleaner as well as happy results.