Have You Beefed Up Your Security?

admin - August 19, 2019 - Security Kailua Kona HI /

Security Kailua Kona HI

Have you heard the expression; keep your eyes peeled. Sure you have. And it must be happening just before every manned security patrol shift starts. And the shift supervisor never forgets to tell his brave men and women; let’s be careful out there. As a business owner, or residential property owner, you also need to be careful. But that much you probably knew already. Security Kailua Kona HI patrols probably have eyes everywhere and security guards on duty are probably doing their utmost best to be careful, armed or unarmed.

The installation of security cameras is always a big help. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you and your security staff can now rest those eyelids or look away. The larger commercial premises will always have one or two desk-bound officials sitting behind the cameras, monitoring all events as they happen. This is during both business hours and after hours. The after-hours are generally quiet.

But they could also be dangerous. The security cameras quickly pick up if there has been an intrusion. From where the security guards are sitting, they can never really tell whether the would-be burglars are armed. Armed or not, this is always going to be a dangerous situation. But at least the well-trained guards are prepared. Even so, after calling for backup and notifying the relevant public law enforcement agencies, they still need to check the intrusion.

Again, they can only do so much. No such bravado is possible or recommended for the domestic property owner. He or she notifies the security personnel and then keeps to following all the rules given in terms of keeping safe as far as possible until the security backup arrives. And it’s usually not long to wait.